Deconstructing Roku Channels

Become part of a new generation of content providers.

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Things you will learn

Students will learn how to create a simple private or public one or multi video with text Roku channel for distribution. Students will be able to place their content in a channel and quickly share it with the world. They will learn the entire development process, including debugging and graphics editing. Students will learn how to properly setup a Roku streaming media player for effective development. We will discuss the basics of writing a simple application using Brightscript code. Students will learn proper video and audio encoding to prepare digital media files for Roku channels as part of the production workflow. And finally, students will learn how to package their application into a channel for distribution to Roku.com.

Myth Buster

There may be some misconceptions about creating Roku channels. If you are completely new to Roku you may think that only major studios and video production companies create channels or have the technology to do so. Roku is open to anyone to create a public or private channel.

Before you Start

Student will need basic computer skills and proficiency with Windows or Mac OS operating systems. Check out the
Roku Pre-Development Checklist.